Sasinkova 8

The house is located in the Old Town district in the area of civil and residential buildings within the wider city center. From the back side it is adjacent to the Medical Garden and from the side to the Ondrej’s Cemetery.

The house has two floors, partial basement with partially built attic and it was reconstructed in 1997. In the basement there are storage areas, on the first floor there are two apartments, on the second floor there are office spaces and in the attic there is a boiler room. The house has a plot with paved surface which is used as a parking lot.

Currently, it is the seat of the business department of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.



Ing. Ivana Hrašková phone: +421 2 5920 5774 mobile: +421 918 933 113
  phone: +421 2 5920 5733 mobile: +421 918 445 045
Mgr. Nina Turzáková phone: +421 2 5920 5716 mobile: +421 905 065 041