Technical, financial, operational and legal activities come with the administration of properties. Experience is necessary to ensure this, experience that SSDZ, a.s. has acquired through many years of administering its own buildings. The our main priority is the maximum satisfaction of our clients, who are, in particular, representative missions and their staff.  

Financial activities:

  • accounting for each house’s income and expenses
  • remitting all payments related to operating properties, including public fees
  • calculating regulated monthly payments for services related to occupying space
  • allocating individual expenses among property users
  • checking costs and technical work, inspecting property and invoicing these items

Technical procedures:

  • regular property inspections
  • ordinary repair and maintenance at the properties
  • inspection of restricted technical equipment

Operating activities:

Contractual relationships with service suppliers:

  • heating properties
  • incoming and outgoing water
  • electricity
  • natural gas
  • waste disposal
  • lift operation
  • information and security services
  • gardening

We also guarantee:

  • cleaning houses
  • connection of cable television
  • connection of telecommunication services
  • installation of Internet and cable and satellite television



Ing. Miroslav Hrenovčík
phone: +421 2 5920 5744
mobile: +421 918 423233
fax: +421 2 5920 5752